Secure Shopping


Based on secure shopping and privacy of personal information, spotayakkabi.net infrastructure has been developed using the most reliable communication protocols, especially SSL technology.

For this reason, your Credit Card information that you use in your spotayakkabi.net purchases is automatically encrypted with 128-bit encryption system on your computer and sent to your bank in this way. In other words, since your credit card number and password information can only be viewed between your computer and your bank, they cannot be monitored by unauthorized persons and are not stored by our systems.

What is 3D Secure Payment (3D Secure) system?

3D, encrypted payment, is a payment system developed by Visa and Mastercard to increase the security of card transactions made electronically.

Thanks to this system, both merchants and cardholders are secured against card fraud. During the payment with 3D, the bank requests the password from the cardholder and verifies the identity information. Thus, the system prevents persons who do not know the password, ie unauthorized persons, from performing transactions.

With the implementation of the 3D Secure system, which provides safe and fast shopping, credit card holders who are not registered with this system or our customers who use credit cards of banks that are not members of the 3D Secure system cannot shop with their credit cards on spotayakkabi.net.

In order to shop with a credit card, your credit card must be registered to the 3D system. You can get support by contacting your bank to make a 3D definition of your card.